Dear Cloud 9 team

Thank you for an absolutely fantastic service. My husband really enjoyed the birthday surprise and was left floating on ‘cloud nine’ for the entire weekend.

I will be sure to be in touch in the future.

With many thanks and warmest regards
Shireen  *
“Just a short email to say thanks for most probably the best night’s sleep I have ever had.
I “floated” for the first time yesterday and had my doubts about it before and during the float, to be honest.  When I stepped out of the tank some of the doubts were immediately gone but it was only after waking up this morning at the bright and early hour of 10am (went to bed at 7pm immediately after returning from Cloud 9) that I knew how powerful that 1 hour was.  I have been an insomniac that got about 3 – 4 hours of sleep 4 or maybe 5 evenings a week for the past 6 months or so.  Last night I slept like a baby and feel like a million dollars today!”  *

Renier Coetzee 2008
Harpers and Queen UK 

“Floating is like jumping on a magic carpet and setting out on a wave of raised consciousness. ”  *

Independent – UK 

“Practically everyone who tries it feels the benefits. Take it from a hardened cynic – floatation works”  *

Dr John Lilly

 “the tank offers you the opportunity to shrink so small that you become infinite, to move so fast you become motionless, to plummet into darkness you emerge in total light”    *

Sent by Connie Sterk

Floating…… my first experience

The idea of floating always seemed like a good idea – an opportunity to escape , and I mean truly escape from the world of cell phones, people and noise….. I had read about floating, and I knew that it would be an experience I would enjoy – although it wasn’t quite what I thought it would be…it was better!

After being well briefed – I found myself all alone! Me and this big purple tank… Suddenly with the lights down low – I felt a little intimidated.

I had a quick shower and made my way over to the tank. I slowly lifted the lid and couldn’t help but notice that it felt like the boot lid of a VW. I lowered myself into the tank and turned to pull the lid down behind me. It felt vaguely like settling down into a bath but as soon as I allowed myself to lie back – my legs immediately popped to the surface a little like a cork. I forced my head right back and felt the water around my face – it felt soothing and I settled down in my new surroundings.

I then noticed the music – it was magical although it sounded as if it was coming from afar . I closed my eyes and allowed the music to carry me away. My imagination didn’t take long and it wasn’t long before I felt like I was floating in space – among the stars. It seemed so natural and I felt so at ease. All concept of earthly sounds and gravitation pull had disappeared – so the feeling of floating in space felt so real.

I felt fully in control despite the incredible trip I seemed to be on. I would occasionally open my eyes and be well aware that I was still in the tank – although the feeling of being out there never left.

Sometimes I would even touch the sides of the tank with either my toes or tips of my fingers. My arms would move around as well – giving me more of a sense of freedom. The music would fade away and eventually stop – but I wasn’t aware when it did…. I was so far gone into my own world and enjoying the inner peace I suddenly had. I recall thinking about things – but not everyday matters at all – but rather a sense of inner calm and total freedom.

I didn’t see myself as a body but rather as a spirit. When the music played again – I felt that I had returned to my world – and was ready to leave the safety of the tank. Getting out – I felt a little strange – my body felt heavy and extremely relaxed. Everything felt a little like it was being carried out in slow motion. I felt a little unearthed.

That night I slept like a log and the feeling of inner peace and calmness seemed to be with me for quite some time. Floating was in fact everything and more….*

Psychologist testimony

“Before I started floating I felt burnt out… I was grateful if clients didn’t arrive as it meant I could have an hour to catch up on myself… I didn’t have the energy to do the small things that used to give me pleasure, I felt irritated and tired most of the time …. I have been floating once a week for the last eight weeks and I can feel my energy levels increasing… I feel motivated, I take pleasure in my surroundings, I marvel at the beauty of the world, I have gone back to gym, I am taking up new and exciting hobbies and just having more fun… I look forward to seeing my clients, I certainly don’t feel stressed anymore.  The more I float the better I feel. Now after a float I feel as if I have just returned from a weekend away!!  And it only takes an hour a week to feel alive again… Thanks Angela — you’re a lifesaver!!”   *

Email from Terry

I’d like to thank you for my marvelous floating session last Sunday. It’s quite amazing, but I think that I can still feel the benefits even now.

I have spent all week in an energetic fervor trying to convince my friends that they should try it. A few of them are beginning to eye me strangely!!!

Seriously though, I thought it was wonderful and I expect to return for another session when my bank account recovers from my birthday bashing of it. I would like to bring my dad along too, so that I can convince him that his cellar would make an ideal spot for a tank.  *

Email from Kurt

I went for a float and felt my skull become water. It put me on such a good pluck I met a girl who falls in love as quickly as I do. I feel a new rhythm to my breathing which is totally consuming me. You should go and float. Kurt *

Email from Anthony

Just to let you know,  I thoroughly enjoyed the float. I was able to remain relaxed since the float and in the cases where I stressed out, I was able to relax quickly. I’d also like to try a float with the music on the whole time, I think I was able to “drift” more easily with the music on. Another weird thing was after the float and after the shower I had a strong urge to paint. (a picture, not a wall) I’ve never painted before, so it was strange. Anyway, thought you might enjoy the feedback



* Disclaimer: Floatation is an experience unique to each individual, as such, the experience and results may vary from person to person